Friday, October 31, 2014

SeaBass Carpaccio

Last Tuesday, I was in a mode for a new presentation for Sea Bass Carpaccio,
I've seen several recipe books, and I am so inspired with Nobu recipe book.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to make Spider sushi rolls - How to cook prawn tempura and softsel crabs

I love Tempura, who don't?!
I used to steal some vegetable tempura while my mother was frying tempura.
I still could have whole meal even after I ate some tempura...

190ml  flour,  or We buy tempura flour from Japanese shops
(you could keep flour in the fridge to cool it)
180ml cold water, or cold Japanese beer - Asahi Beer, or Kirin Beer, or cold sparkling water
1 egg york
some normal flour for dusting
500ml Vegetable oil
10 x prawn stretch like you are massaging prawn like the image on this blog, prawn needs 3 little cut inner side of prawn
1 x small sweet potato
1 x small courgette
5 x asparagus

You mix egg york with little beer.
And add all the flour to the mixing bowl and add beer.
Please do not mix too well.
It has to be mixed lightly leaving a few lumps

Slice vegetables, and flour the vegetables and prawn before
you dip in the tempura batter.

Ideal temperature to deep fry Vegetable Tempura is 170C, and 180C for fish.
You fry vegetable Tempura first, and then fish tempura.

Tip: To know how the oil is ready to fry, you drop tiny batter in the oil, and it comes right up.

Enjoy your Tempura.

                                                        My sushi students made these
                                                        Soft Shell crab maki sushi rolls,
                                                        They were so delicious!
                                                                    I made this tempura, and it was tasty!

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How to make Peanut Tofu

Where I grew up in Japan, Nagasaki we eat lots of raw peanut in Summer for snacks.
People in Tokyo Kanto areas, they have lots of Edamame.
I remember We always ate boiled peanut before dinner in Hot summer days in late July to late September , and my father has it with Beer.

In Summer Grocery shops sell raw peanut in a Shel
We boil them with bit of salt, and have boiled raw peanut.
Taste creamy and nutty Very Addictive.
But We almost eat that every day.

Farmers harvest the peanuts with Shel, they wash them and dry them under the sun for a week or so.
They sell both raw peanuts and dry peanuts in a Shel in the market.

When we have lots of dry peanut, we slightly roast, and removes the peanut skins.
Then we soak the roast peanut in a water over night, and next day we use the blender
to make peanut milk.

This recipe is so delicious, I always ask my mother to cook for me.

Slightly roasted peanut (no salt) 200gram
Water 800ml
Potato starch 55 to 60 Gram
Soak in water over night and blend it in the morning.
You need to separate peanut with the muslin clothe and squeeze the milk out
and you will get peanut milk and peanut residuum (okara in Japanese)

                                                       Peanut Milk Tea, it is very nice :)

Then add 55 - 60 Gram potato starch or Kuzu to the peanut milk, and slowly cook with the raw heat and stir it to combine them, and cook until it will become like sticky

 Then you cool the content in a square plate or shallow plate or bat.
Wait to cool it down, and keep it in the fridge to keep it for an hour.
Serve with Sweet miso.
Miso diluted with Mirin

                                                         Hope you enjoy the recipe!
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Salmon Sushi rolls with wasabi mayo

Hi, I went to have Earl Grey tea from Pret a manger the other day, and had poached Salmon sandwich with water cress and mustard mayo.
I was preparing sushi ingredients for Hen party last Saturday, and I got an idea from Pret sandwich.

I made poached salmon and watercress sushi rolls with wasabi mayo with hemp seeds and spring onion, and bit of black paper on it...!

It was Delicious :) Ladies at Hen Party loved them, too, and I've received the nice feedback :)

 Hi Keiko,
On behalf of myself and the other girls who helped to organise the hen I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last weekend. Becks (the bride-to-be) had the most amazing time making the sushi and it was all down to you! .
The quality of the activity was top notch from start to finish and we will definitely be recommending you!
Thanks again.
All the very best,
Samara x

Thank you Thank you Thank you!  

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Japanese flavour Risotto with Mussel, Sake, and Shiso

I love mussel cooked with Wine & Butter etc...

I would like to introduce you Mussel Risotto cooked with Japanese Flavour.


Fresh Mussel
2 cloves of Garlic
2 x shiso leaf
1-2 table spoon of unsalted butter
100ml White wine, or Sake
Black pepper & Maldon salt to taste (Any Sea salt wold be fine)

You heat the pan and melt butter and add garlic, stir for a minute, and add shiso leaf.

Then add mussel
Then Add wine, and salt & Pepper, and cover the pan with lid, cook until all the shells open.
And serve.

You will get juice from the cooking, like this, and add Japanese cooked rice, and cook a few minutes until everything will combine.


Chocolate Infused Teriyaki chicken

Today I did Chocolate & Sushi Making Pre - Demo for Chocolate Sushi Making workshop for The Chocolate Festival on March 23rd with A friend who runs BakingDreamsTogether

We are going to demonstrate and host hands-on chocolate sushi making workshop together.
Chocolate Festival
 We've created delicious chocolate Sushi today, I am looking forward to sharing it more soon.

I had so much chocolate left, so I created Chocolate Teriyaki sauce and cooked with grilled chicken and served with strawberry.
It was so delicious and so nice!

Chicken cooked with Chocolate infused Teriyaki Sauce :)
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to cook Sushi Rice

I would like to write How to cook sushi rice

How to cook Sushi Rice,

Sushi rice has to be wash gently with your hand with water, and wash it for 5- 7times until the water runs clear.
Then you could soak it for 30-60 minutes, but if you haven't got time, you could skip this process.
After that, put 300ml rice with 300-330 ml water to the pan with the lid, and cook with the medium high heat and bring to boil, and you simmer it with the second lowest heat for 12-17 minutes.
And the lid has to be always on, and after you simmer with the second lowest heat for 12 - 17 minutes , you turn off the heat and wait 10-20 minutes to set the rice with the lid on.

And you could mix the steamed rice with sushi seasoning.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How to cook instant Dashi Stock and Teriyaki chicken

How to make Instant Dashi stock is easy as ABC! To make 500ml Dashi, pour boiling hot water to a glass jar with little piece of Konbu and 8mg Katuobushi, and wait around 30 minutes, and It is ready to use for your miso soup or noodle dish!

I found gluten free noodle at a local organic shop.

Organic Brown rice noodle with wakame seaweed (It was delicious!)

I cooked Teriyaki Chicken for topping of Noodle

To katuodashi, I cooked chicken bone to add more flavour, and add 1 1/2 to 2 table spoon of soy sauce, 1 table spoon of mirin to 250 ml mixed dashi and chicken soup stock, and pinch of seasalt, and add beansprouts-leave it for a while in a soup so it cooks), branched spinach, cooked noodle and topping. It is ready to eat. I sprinkled sansyo pepper on the noodle, and garnished with finely chopped spring onion.

    Brown rice soup noodle with beansprouts and Chicken teriyaki.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Japanese Style Tuna Tar Tar

I made delicious Tuna tar tar the other day and it is so easy to make and delicious!

You need to mix tuna,Olive oil, Lime juice, a pinch of Sansyo pepper, Japanese shichimi 7 spice, sea salt, black pepper.
1 Shiso leaf, chive for decoration.

Japanese Sansyo pepper has got nice flovour for fish or meat when you cook with teriyaki sauce.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Miso making

I made Home made miso at the begining of last November 2009, it takes around 5-6months to be ready when it is prepared in winter, if it is done in Spring time, it takes around 4-5months.
it is now ready to use for miso soup etc.

First month of Miso

Second Month

This Home Made Miso tastes like "shinsyu Inaka Miso"

Now it's ready to cook!

Miso soup with roots vegs and pork


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Sunday Roast Sushi? Let's roll your Sushi with your Sunday Roast

Today I made Sushi with Sunday Roast.
It was so delicious and I would like to share it here.

I roast Butternut Squash and Purple potato with salt, black pepper, fresh sage, rosemary, & thyme with olive oil.
I boiled Butternut squash and purple potatoes about 5-7 minutes

I grilled a Chicken breast with olive oil, a clove of garlic, red chili, a little thyme & rosemary, a sage with salt and pepper.

Roast the Butternut squash & potato until it's almost golden like this photo

And Rolls Sushi with these roasted Butternut Squash & potato & grilled chicken with herbs

Serve with Sunday roast and rolled Sunday roast Sushi rolls dinner!
Serve with freshly cracked black pepper.
Happy Sunday :)

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