Monday, October 5, 2015

My TV hosting Experience on C4 in Sep 2015

Hi My blog visitors,

I have asked to appear on Channel 4 TV in UK to create Sushi
When I was asked, it was like a dream came true.

I am the one telling the story about Sushi and how I was inspired by my Mother.
This New food TV program on C4 is about people, and how We feel about food, cooking, and
How food producers are like, and farmers' stories about their produce

I am so looking forward to watching it.

I will blog about it when it is going to be aired.
So please check it out.

I would like to write about my mother here,
She is so creative, and she made us looking forward to eating breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Everyday When I woke up, I was thinking what she had cooked for breakfast,
and she made bento box lunch every single days to looking forward for lunch time.
My friends at school. were jealous how tasty my lunch box looked

In the evening, I came home, and went to talk to my mother what the day was like,
and stealing tempura, or potato croquets she was deep frying before everyone got to table..

She made my childhood so colourful, and yummy,

She is into gardening, poetry, sewing, knitting, and cooking.

I am so happy My Mother is my mother :)

I love you Kasan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learn How to Make Sushi Online #Udemy

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I made sushi at home beforehand, but it never tasted like in restaurants. I realized the many details I wasn't paying attention to. There is still place to improve, but the progress is visible. Thank you for creating this sushi course! One thing I would add is one lecture on roe maki.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to cook Japanese fried rice with scallop edges

Have you ever tried Scallop edges? They are tasty and you could stir fried with vegetables, and it really goes well with fried rice.

I was wondering what I could use these for cooking.
Then I decided to cook fried rice with it.
The juice (we call dashi from scallop) made this fried rice exceptionally tasty!

2 bowls of Boiled rice
Scallop edges x 4-8 scallops
3 x asparagus
3 x spring onion
1 clove garlic
1/4 red paprika
2 tablespon x olive oil or grapeseed oil
salt & black paper
dash of Japanese soy sauce - I used kikkonman soy sauce

Saute garlic, spring onion, and add scallop edges, cook for 20-30 seconds and add salt & black pepper,
Add asparagus, and Red paprika, and when you see the juice is coming out from the scallop edges, add Boiled Rice, and stir everything together, and add dash of soy sauce.
And when you mix everthing together, it is done.

Itadakimasu :)

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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Yam cha

I've been to Yam Cha in Soho, and We had nice selection of dim sum, and sweets etc with wrm sake. The place is fashinable and clean :)and it is called Yauatcha.

Some dishes that we had I photographed.

Friday, October 31, 2014

SeaBass Carpaccio

Last Tuesday, I was in a mode for a new presentation for Sea Bass Carpaccio,
I've seen several recipe books, and I am so inspired with Nobu recipe book.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to make Spider sushi rolls - How to cook prawn tempura and softsel crabs

I love Tempura, who don't?!
I used to steal some vegetable tempura while my mother was frying tempura.
I still could have whole meal even after I ate some tempura...

190ml  flour,  or We buy tempura flour from Japanese shops
(you could keep flour in the fridge to cool it)
180ml cold water, or cold Japanese beer - Asahi Beer, or Kirin Beer, or cold sparkling water
1 egg york
some normal flour for dusting
500ml Vegetable oil
10 x prawn stretch like you are massaging prawn like the image on this blog, prawn needs 3 little cut inner side of prawn
1 x small sweet potato
1 x small courgette
5 x asparagus

You mix egg york with little beer.
And add all the flour to the mixing bowl and add beer.
Please do not mix too well.
It has to be mixed lightly leaving a few lumps

Slice vegetables, and flour the vegetables and prawn before
you dip in the tempura batter.

Ideal temperature to deep fry Vegetable Tempura is 170C, and 180C for fish.
You fry vegetable Tempura first, and then fish tempura.

Tip: To know how the oil is ready to fry, you drop tiny batter in the oil, and it comes right up.

Enjoy your Tempura.

                                                        My sushi students made these
                                                        Soft Shell crab maki sushi rolls,
                                                        They were so delicious!
                                                                    I made this tempura, and it was tasty!

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How to make Peanut Tofu

Where I grew up in Japan, Nagasaki we eat lots of raw peanut in Summer for snacks.
People in Tokyo Kanto areas, they have lots of Edamame.
I remember We always ate boiled peanut before dinner in Hot summer days in late July to late September , and my father has it with Beer.

In Summer Grocery shops sell raw peanut in a Shel
We boil them with bit of salt, and have boiled raw peanut.
Taste creamy and nutty Very Addictive.
But We almost eat that every day.

Farmers harvest the peanuts with Shel, they wash them and dry them under the sun for a week or so.
They sell both raw peanuts and dry peanuts in a Shel in the market.

When we have lots of dry peanut, we slightly roast, and removes the peanut skins.
Then we soak the roast peanut in a water over night, and next day we use the blender
to make peanut milk.

This recipe is so delicious, I always ask my mother to cook for me.

Slightly roasted peanut (no salt) 200gram
Water 800ml
Potato starch 55 to 60 Gram
Soak in water over night and blend it in the morning.
You need to separate peanut with the muslin clothe and squeeze the milk out
and you will get peanut milk and peanut residuum (okara in Japanese)

                                                       Peanut Milk Tea, it is very nice :)

Then add 55 - 60 Gram potato starch or Kuzu to the peanut milk, and slowly cook with the raw heat and stir it to combine them, and cook until it will become like sticky

 Then you cool the content in a square plate or shallow plate or bat.
Wait to cool it down, and keep it in the fridge to keep it for an hour.
Serve with Sweet miso.
Miso diluted with Mirin

                                                         Hope you enjoy the recipe!
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