Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Plum wine - Umeshu

One hot June afternoon I made plum wine, I found Japanese look alike Ume-plums in Asian shops on Kirburn High Road, London, and found reasonable crystal sugar in a turkish shop, and shochu in a korean shop! I made one with Japanese Sake, and one with Korean shochu.

These are the photos that I took.
Plum wine is almost ready, I will taste it on Monday, and post the photos of my home made Umesyu.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chirashi sushi

I like chirashi sushi, whenever I get bits of sliced differnt kinds of fish, I scatter them on the sushi rice with roasted sesame, and pickled ginger.
I did a take away this delicious chirashi from local Atariya sushi bar.
Tuna was disappointing, though I had delicious tuna two months ago there. I think I have to eat sushi there in front of sushi chefs!

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rice cookers - How to prepare Sushi rice

My grandparents had this Okama, and they used to cook rice with it when I was little.
These are the picture of Okama cooked with frame.

And after a while, I remember my parents bought Gasu-kama which uses Gas. In UK, some Japanese restaurants still use this type of rice cookers. The quality of rice is better cooking with this type of rice cooker than electric rice cookers.

I have used this type of rice cooker at the restaurant in London.
This type is an industrial use for rice cooking.

This is the latest type of rice cooker we use in Japan nowadays.
It is electric, and has got a timer so that we could set the time we would like the rice ready and we set it usually for breakfast and dinner time, and expensive type of rice cookers cook brown rice etc.

I have seen this type of rice cooker in the shop in China town.