Thursday, February 28, 2013

Private Dining Experience with Cooking & Dining Supper Club

Spice Up your Hen Nite Party and Birthday Party with Sushi cooking lesson

Lots of ladies are interested in learning Sushi Cooking classes for their Hen Do, and Birthday parties treats.
It is fun, beautiful, and delicious cooking experience.
We sit around the table making Sushi and have Sushi lunch with delicious Wine, or Sake.
Sushi Cooking Party is a fantastic way to rewind, and have a laught like you return to your childhood fun!

Sake sparkling cocktail is delicious way to start sushi making party.

Sushi Cooking party could be a lady's get together cooking party at your home kitchen

I could assist your birthday cooking party, hen nite cooking party with Sushi & Japanese cookery lessons
And Sushi making corporate team building cooking party

Upcoming sushi cooking and dining supperclub on

May 30th
12:00pm to 3:30Pm & 6:30pm to 10:00pm
7 persons
£80 per person a glass of complimentary Sake cocktail

We are going to cook & Dine

Sushi big Rolls with Spicy Tuna
Sushi Carifornia Inside out rolls with Prawn & Avocado with masago roe
Sushi rolls hosomake with Salmon Avocado/Vegetalian rolls

Teriyaki chicken
Stir Fried Japan Mashroom & Vegetables

Sweets are provided

A glass of complimentary Sake cocktail

7 seats available
Seats are limited, Please book today :)

Booking available for Group Sushi & Japanese Cooking party for Ladies who lunch, intimate cooking & dining experiences, Pop up Kitchen cooking & dining Sushi Supper club.

Ask Keiko for more information & Private cooking & dining club at your kitchen with your friends and family also available

We have a few wine specialists to complete your private dining experience

Saturday, February 23, 2013

SoftShel Crab Tempura

Softshel crab could either fried with Tempura batter, or
just dust with katakuriko = potato starch.

It is simple and quite tasty!

Learn Japanese cookery with Chef Keiko

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What is Dashi? How to make dashi

You might be wondering What Dashi is, and you also might wonder how fresh bonito fish looks like?

Dashi is made from Bonito fish flake & Konbu dried sea weed
Bonito Fish - we call it Katsuo,
It is season in Spring in Japan.

We have Bonito raw in Japan as Tataki eaten with ponzu sauce

Bonito is called Katsuo in Japan.
Bonito fish is dried, and it becomes famously Katsuo bushi = Bonito flakes

This bonito flakes make dashi with Konbu

Raw Konbu

Dried Konbu
Which is used to make dashi

1 piece of  konbu ( 10cm) for over nite in 1 litre of wate, and heat it to just before the boiling point, and remove
konbu, and turn off the heat, and add 20grm of Bonito flakes, andwait until all the bonito flakes sink at the bottom, and use seeve 7 mosli cloth to squeeze the dashi.

The colour of dashi is Golden.

This dashi could be used for Miso soup, and noodle soup, and chawan mushi etc.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sushi Rice - How to prepare & What is the meaning of Sushi

What a beautiful website about Sushi & Japanese Food Curture!
Hope you enjoy this find :)

Learn How to Make Sushi
Join Master Sushi Class on 16th March & 13th April
4-5 Students Max
3.5 hours taugth by Chef Keiko

How to Cook Soba noodle soup with Yellowtail

Have you ever tasted Yellowtail Sashimi?
Yellowtail has distinctive flavour that I can't find with any other fish.

I love Yellowtail sashimi really thinly sliced, I can't have it too thick, and this fish has to be super fresh to eat.

The other day I cooked Soba with yellowtail.
I bought Yellowtail sashimi, and I didn't consume so that I kept it in the freezer too long that
I decided to cook yelowtail with Soba.


200 ml Dashi How to Cook Dashi
Soba ( need to boil for 5-10 min)
1 & half to 2 tablespoon Dark Japanese Soy sauce
1-2 teaspoon Mirin
50grm Yellowtail
2 spring onion chopped thinly
5 grm leek
1 clove of garlic (slice thin)
20 grm Beansprouts
Veg oil

Heat oil to cook spring onion, garlic, & leek, when you smell spring onion & leek cooked add bit of salt and black pepper, and add Yellowtail and cook, and add beansprouts and stir all together about 20 seconds, and add Dashi stock + Soy + Mirin, and taste if you need more soy, and add Soba.
You could garnish Fresh chopped Spring Onion and sprinkle sansyo pepper or Shichimi, or Both.

It is delicious with this yellowtail distinctive flavour.
It will make you so addictive, please have a go!

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