Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wasabi Scone with Cranberry sauce

Hope you having fun this holiday season...
I made another wasabi scone with sage, cheese, chilli powder.
I put little too much sugar, I had to limit to 1 tea spoon :)
Recipe Here Pls Click to see
If you have left over cranberry sauce like me,
Serve this scone with cranberry sauce!!

Enjoy Holidays x

Tonite I made savory Scone with Wasabi and Chili powder, and I used olive oil and butter, I wanted to use shiso oil, but I forgot..., and if I had shiso leaf, that could be nicer.
instead of shiso leaf I used Sage.


450-500 ml Flour
125ml olive oil ( or, 50ml olive oil + 75grm butter)
20 mg unsalted butter
half teaspoon powder wasabi
half teaspoon chili powder or 1 teaspoon would be better
half to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
fresh sage 5-7leaves ( cut it to pieces)
1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
3 teaspoon cream tartar
1 egg
3-4 tablespoon yogurt
40-50g of cheese

It was delicious, I will bake more for breakfast!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kids Sushi Lesson with chocolate sushi making!

I have quite a few kids sushi making parties through out the year, children are so keen to learn, and so creative!
One of the kids sushi making parties, children made so creative presentation.
And they went crazy, when I said, so we are going to make dessert sushi with chocolate!

They were so excited to make it with mango and chocolate Nutella, and black chocolate on the outside!

She didn't make much progress with normal maki rolls
However with chocolate, she perfected her sushi making skill with inside out sushi rolls ;)

                            Children are so creative, I always learn something form children Sushi Making class!
And We have so much fun together with Sushi Making!

Happy Face :)

Learn How to make Sushi with SushiQueen
Sushi Making Party for Kids' birthday activity :)

Tempura Cod Fish & Chips Sweet potato

When I first came to UK, I tried Fish and chips, and I sometimes crave fish and chips.

Every time, I visit UK Tourist areas, I would like to try fish and fish somehow.

Today I made Tempura cod, and Sweet potato chips.

I made the beer batter with Japanese beer - Kirin ichiban shibori with Japanese 7 spice called shichimi.
How to make tempura batter go here -

shichimi - Japanese 7 Spice
You sprinkle this 7 Spice to batter and mix it together, and fried the Cod.

sprinkle 7 spice when you dish Tempura cod & Sweet potato chips
Serve with Garlic Chili sauce
It was so delicious, please try it!

Sushi Etiquette?

I hope it is useful for you?
Happy holidays :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roast Turkey Breast with Teriyaki sauce

Happy Holidays!
I am having so much food this holiday time, I need to go on diet from tomorrow :)
Roast turkey is so going well with teriyaki sauce!
I made cranberry sauce with coconut sugar this year.

I never knew cooking cranberry sauce is so easy!
250 grm fresh cranberry
150 ml water
150 or more grm sugar ( I use coconut sugar for healthy option)
You could use more sugar, I like less sugar.
Cook all together till cranberry is done like photo here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sushi Cooking Class London 16th March

Learn How to Make Sushi
   Sushi Lesson

March 16th

April 13th
   12:00pm to 3:30pm   Free Sushi Kit with this Sushi classes

You could Make Sushi the next day
After Sushi Lesson :)
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Basil Pesto Japanese Fried Rice

I like Basil, the smell and the taste, and basil pestoto. I could eat French baguette with basil pesto and some cheese for lunch.

I thought basil pesto tastes so delicious with pasta, why not with rice??
So today I made basil pesto fried rice.

Olive oil ( or vegetable oil ) x 2 Tb spn
carrot x half
onion x half
garlic x 1 clove
courgette x 1/4
red pepper x 1/4
chicken x 50g
sea salt & black pepper
cut or slice  them for tiny pieces 
2 - 3cups of boiled Japanese rice
Basil pesto ( Mine is from waitrose)

Heat the oil and fry garlic and onion, and chicken,
when chicken is cooked , add the rest except the rice and season with salt and pepper,
When all the vegetables are cooked add rice, and stir to combine 
everything together, and add pesto.
and mix all together.
 I had it with takuan pickled.

I like the flavour of Olive oil and it goes well with basil pesto.
Delicious :)
It was a hit!

I would make shiso leaf pesto soon, and I will post here.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pop Up Sushi Supperclub - Japanese Secret Restaurant

Pop up Wine & Sushi Supper Club

Sushi & Wine pairing Supper club on June 28th

DagoWines come to SushiQueen Supper club to educate you
How to match Sushi & Japanese cuisine with Delicious selected wine

1.Tuna Tar Tar with Japanese spice
2.Salmon, Tuna, & Sea bass Nigiri
3.Prawn Tempra Sushi rolls
4. Wagyu Beef Burger with lemon ponzu sauce & daikon served with Wasabi mash, & Salad
5.Yuzu drizzle cake with warm chocolate sake
Matching Wine
1. Prosecco Sommariva NV From Veneto
2. Gavi di Gavi "le Formiche" 2011 from Piedmonte
3.Pint Noir ottin 2010 from Vallee D'Aoste

In This Sushi & wine Matching supperclub, I will suggest you to buy the wine specilalist’s selected wine
He will bring the wine at the supperclub venue, so no worry for bringing wine to the supperclub
Fee is £55 with 3 kinds of wine tasting & sushi & wine pairing session
Wine tasting is not plenty, so I advised you to purchase a bottle of wine from this wine merchant Dagowines for your dinner.
Dress code - Please wear something Japanese
Please Email us to book your seats to
14 seats available
Venue address is sent to you after you booked

Wine by
Dago Wines
Supperclub by

Menu might change last minute

Suggested Donation £55 + service per person
Book from here
12 seats available
Seats are limited, Please book today :)
If you wish to book a table email me to
Please call on 07727684677

Keep Calm and Eat Sushi

I was playing with photoshop today, and made some fun images with Sushi.

Make a Date with Sushi making Experiece for Two 
SushiQueen Master Sushi Lesson London
Call us on 07727684677 

Keep Calm and Make Sushi :)

Learn How to make Sushi - Inari Sushi - Sushi Rice

When I was an elementary school student, every spring time in April, School organised going on a picnic. We had to start walking from 9:00am in the morning, until we reached to the place like parks around 12:00pm. It was fun, but it was so tiring for children to walk for a long hours.
The only things made me willingly walked was my mother’s hand made bento box with full of sushi with Inari sushi and Futomaki sushi.
My mother’s bento box was so creative, and every girl in my circle of friends said, I am jealous! How come does your mom cook so yummy looking bento every day!
The day before the picnic, my mother asked me and my sister, which would you like more for your picnic bento box, Inari or maki sushi?
My favourite was Inari, and I replied to my mom, I want more Inari, mom! My sister preferred maki sushi more than inari sushi, then.
When we reached the place, we found the place to sit and have sushi, and other dishes like breaded prawn, deep fired chicken, and omelette etc.
We could spend about 500 yen for sweets like candy, biscuits, and chocolate.
I was chatting with friends and eating our delicious sushi with big smile on our face.
Sushi tasted so delicious!

I would like to introduce how to prepare Inari sushi and futomaki sushi.

The Recipe for making Inari sushi

Sushi rice recipe
  • Rice vinegar – 60ml
  • Sugar – 30g / 45g  (if you like sweet sushi rice)
  • Sea Salt – 10g / 15g
Mix all three ingredients in a bowl and dissolve them,
You could heat it with low heat to dissolve them.

How to cook sushi rice
  • 2 cups of rice 180ml x 2 cups
  • 370 ml of water
Wash the rice with water, stirring rice with your hands changing water 5-7 times until water runs clear – Almost!

Put the washed rice with water in the cooking pan with the lid, and leave the rice for 30minutes to 1 hour.
And cook with medium heat.
Then bring to boil, and reduce the heat to low, and simmer it for 10-12 minutes.
If you are cooking more rice, you’ll need to simmer it longer.
And after turned off the heat, leave the rice with the lid on still for 15 minutes,
And mix the cooked rice with sushi vinegar.

How to cook Inari pocket

2 - Deep fried tofu (it’s called Abura-age) cut into 2 or 4 pieces
2 tablespoon – soy sauce
2-3 teaspoon – sugar
1 small piece of ginger finely chopped

200ml water (you could use 200ml of dashi stock but I never use it, it’s tasty with ginger, soy sauce and sugar with 200mil water)
Boil the water and put deep fried Tofu, the soy sauce and ginger and bring it to boil and reduce the heat and cook further 5-7minutes with low heat.
Temperature of Sushi is ideally like our body temperature.
And you could add edamame beans, green beans, sesame seeds, or pickled ginger to sushi rice, and put this sushi rice to Inari pockets.

Enjoy Inari Sushi Making!
Call or text us 07727684677

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sake Vessels

People might think what sake is tatsted with?
In Sake tasting classes or events, I noticed the organaisers use white wine glasses for sake tasting.

For most of people in UK, when it comes to sake drinking in Japanese restaurants, they drink piping hot sake with ochoko from tokkuri.

Tokkuri on the right side of this image
Various ochoko, and the gold one is for cerebration for new year, wedding etc.
The blue glass one is called kiriko.
The ochoco has blue circles, this is called kiki-choco.
In Japan, Sake sommelier is called kikizakeshi.
Kiki means in Japanese is listening.
"Sake tasting in Japan use a range of the senses to get a fuller appreciation of Sake.
The clarity and colour of the sake is assessed with the help of kiki-choco that have two blue circles on the bottom, which can be used to gauge the clarity of the sake.
The clarity of the colour of the sake, taste, and the sound of the sake pouring out, and the taste is the most important sense, and sake tasting is impossible without the sense of smell."
I have received kiki-choco when I was certified as a sake sommelier!

 I think it is easy to identify the sense of smell of sake, Aroma.
As you could see the colour of the sake are all different.

These sake were so aromatic and tastes phenomenal, and I was so impressed with the beautiful taste of
sake, and the precious discovery from my country Japan.
As you've seen the wooden vessels, these are called Masu made of cedar.
Sake was drunk from masu directly, and still used on ceremonial occasions in Japan.
Masu were originally designed to measure rice, and hold 180ml (1 Go)=1合。
Japanese rice cookers have the measurement cup which always holds 180ml.

Hope you enjoyed a little bit of sake tasting, and variety of sake vessels  Learn sushi cookery with Keiko, There is Master Sushi cooing class on 29th Sep.
Wish you could Join me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salmon Nigiri Sushi - Master Sushi Lesson 2nd Feb London

Who won't resist to taste this delicious Salmon Nigiri sushi?
I  prefer to taste  raw salmon to cooked salmon.
They taste quite diffrent, uncooked and cooked.

Raw salmon is really soft and sweet, it almost melt in the month...

Slicing raw salmon is quite easy!
Forming Nigiri Sushi needs skills

Learn how to slice raw salmon with a chef

Upcoming Master Sushi class 

on Saturday 15th Nov 2014.

11:00am to 3:00pm
Join us Sushi Master class

Call or Text for more info Tel 07727684677

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kids Sushi Lesson Father and son

Father and son came to SushiQueen Sushi Lesson today!
They've learnt so much!
New Sushi Master chefs are born :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sake and Chocolate Matching - Green & Blacks

I was tasting Tuki no katura sake last week.
This sake is junmai sake, and it is really fruity, and tasted like wine wine.

I tasted it chilled in a wine glass.
I thought this sake Tuki no katura could be good tasting with chocolate.
I tasted it with Green & Blacks Dark chocolate 70% cocoa.
It was phenomenal :)
I never thought sake tasting could be so tasty with chocolate.
Sake enhances the flavour of the food that you are tasting.

Tuki no Katura junmai sake is from Kyoto Japan.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sake Challenge at harrods

I've been to Sake Challenge at Harrods Tasting room on the lower ground floor.
There are 44 kinds of Sake to taste, and give each sake to review, There are 33 sake sommeliers
attended, and it was lovely to taste new sake I have never tasted before, and great to catch up and net working with fellow
sake sommeliers from different countries!

Beautiful display
We had to tasting without knowing what we were tasting.
And at the end, they show us the bottle to identify.
It was interesting procedure!