Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kids Sushi Lesson Father and son

Father and son came to SushiQueen Sushi Lesson today!
They've learnt so much!
New Sushi Master chefs are born :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sake and Chocolate Matching - Green & Blacks

I was tasting Tuki no katura sake last week.
This sake is junmai sake, and it is really fruity, and tasted like wine wine.

I tasted it chilled in a wine glass.
I thought this sake Tuki no katura could be good tasting with chocolate.
I tasted it with Green & Blacks Dark chocolate 70% cocoa.
It was phenomenal :)
I never thought sake tasting could be so tasty with chocolate.
Sake enhances the flavour of the food that you are tasting.

Tuki no Katura junmai sake is from Kyoto Japan.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sake Challenge at harrods

I've been to Sake Challenge at Harrods Tasting room on the lower ground floor.
There are 44 kinds of Sake to taste, and give each sake to review, There are 33 sake sommeliers
attended, and it was lovely to taste new sake I have never tasted before, and great to catch up and net working with fellow
sake sommeliers from different countries!

Beautiful display
We had to tasting without knowing what we were tasting.
And at the end, they show us the bottle to identify.
It was interesting procedure!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Potato Nikujaga recipe

Have you ever tried Nikujaga?
I've cooked 2 types of Nikujaga the other days.
One with konniyaku, and another one was with shirataki (noodle like yam)
They are made from the same vegetable which is rich in high fibre.
I've heard if we consume conniyaku or shirataki once a week, we keep our ideal weight....

Potato x2 ( New potato x 12-15 pieces )
carrot x 1
onion x 1/2
Free range chicken x 100g - 200g or pork or beef
konnyaku x 1 packet
soy sauce x 4-5 table spoon
sake x 2 table spoon
sugar x 2-3 table spoon ( How sweet you'd like)
water or dashi x 500ml ( enough to cover the ingredients)
Mirin x 1-2 table spoon
Green peas x 30g

Cook chicken with vegetable oil, and add all the vegetables to it to stir fry, then potatoes, then konniyaku or shirataki, and add dashi or water, sake, sugar, and soy, and bring to boil, and discard the white bubble bits and simmer it till potato is tender with low to medium heat, and you could stir 1-2 table spoon of mirin for more flavour at the end to give this dish shine ( grow) :)
Add green peas at the end and stir them to it.
Serve with Rice, or have it as it is. Delish.

discard the white bubble bits

With Shirataki

Serve with rice.

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