Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer is over here in UK

Summer is over here in UK, but I have some photos form Rose gardens in Regent Park to cheer me & you up..

Hi Ya! It's me
                                                    This Rose had lemony fragrance.
                                          Organic?? Chamomile in Regent Park, I picked (Secret ;D) one Chamomile root, and planted on the pot on the window sill, but it didn't grow........

                                          at Regent Park

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Japanese Sake - Dassai

This sake called " Dassai" is my favorite Sake, it is light and fruity.
I highly recommned to sip this "Dassai", probably you could find at Zuma or Nobu.

Sake Tasting Adventure with SushiQueen

Brewer says, "We brew sake for sipping, not sake for drinking, nor sake for selling."

I recommend you try Ginjo Sake, Junmai ginjo, and Daiginjo,
they are served cold, usually and taste is aromatic, so clean and pure...
If you would like Dassai sake, please contact us
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