Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wasabi Scone with Cranberry sauce

Hope you having fun this holiday season...
I made another wasabi scone with sage, cheese, chilli powder.
I put little too much sugar, I had to limit to 1 tea spoon :)
Recipe Here Pls Click to see
If you have left over cranberry sauce like me,
Serve this scone with cranberry sauce!!

Enjoy Holidays x

Tonite I made savory Scone with Wasabi and Chili powder, and I used olive oil and butter, I wanted to use shiso oil, but I forgot..., and if I had shiso leaf, that could be nicer.
instead of shiso leaf I used Sage.


450-500 ml Flour
125ml olive oil ( or, 50ml olive oil + 75grm butter)
20 mg unsalted butter
half teaspoon powder wasabi
half teaspoon chili powder or 1 teaspoon would be better
half to 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt
fresh sage 5-7leaves ( cut it to pieces)
1 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
3 teaspoon cream tartar
1 egg
3-4 tablespoon yogurt
40-50g of cheese

It was delicious, I will bake more for breakfast!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kids Sushi Lesson with chocolate sushi making!

I have quite a few kids sushi making parties through out the year, children are so keen to learn, and so creative!
One of the kids sushi making parties, children made so creative presentation.
And they went crazy, when I said, so we are going to make dessert sushi with chocolate!

They were so excited to make it with mango and chocolate Nutella, and black chocolate on the outside!

She didn't make much progress with normal maki rolls
However with chocolate, she perfected her sushi making skill with inside out sushi rolls ;)

                            Children are so creative, I always learn something form children Sushi Making class!
And We have so much fun together with Sushi Making!

Happy Face :)

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Sushi Making Party for Kids' birthday activity :)

Tempura Cod Fish & Chips Sweet potato

When I first came to UK, I tried Fish and chips, and I sometimes crave fish and chips.

Every time, I visit UK Tourist areas, I would like to try fish and fish somehow.

Today I made Tempura cod, and Sweet potato chips.

I made the beer batter with Japanese beer - Kirin ichiban shibori with Japanese 7 spice called shichimi.
How to make tempura batter go here -

shichimi - Japanese 7 Spice
You sprinkle this 7 Spice to batter and mix it together, and fried the Cod.

sprinkle 7 spice when you dish Tempura cod & Sweet potato chips
Serve with Garlic Chili sauce
It was so delicious, please try it!

Sushi Etiquette?

I hope it is useful for you?
Happy holidays :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roast Turkey Breast with Teriyaki sauce

Happy Holidays!
I am having so much food this holiday time, I need to go on diet from tomorrow :)
Roast turkey is so going well with teriyaki sauce!
I made cranberry sauce with coconut sugar this year.

I never knew cooking cranberry sauce is so easy!
250 grm fresh cranberry
150 ml water
150 or more grm sugar ( I use coconut sugar for healthy option)
You could use more sugar, I like less sugar.
Cook all together till cranberry is done like photo here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sushi Cooking Class London 16th March

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March 16th

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Basil Pesto Japanese Fried Rice

I like Basil, the smell and the taste, and basil pestoto. I could eat French baguette with basil pesto and some cheese for lunch.

I thought basil pesto tastes so delicious with pasta, why not with rice??
So today I made basil pesto fried rice.

Olive oil ( or vegetable oil ) x 2 Tb spn
carrot x half
onion x half
garlic x 1 clove
courgette x 1/4
red pepper x 1/4
chicken x 50g
sea salt & black pepper
cut or slice  them for tiny pieces 
2 - 3cups of boiled Japanese rice
Basil pesto ( Mine is from waitrose)

Heat the oil and fry garlic and onion, and chicken,
when chicken is cooked , add the rest except the rice and season with salt and pepper,
When all the vegetables are cooked add rice, and stir to combine 
everything together, and add pesto.
and mix all together.
 I had it with takuan pickled.

I like the flavour of Olive oil and it goes well with basil pesto.
Delicious :)
It was a hit!

I would make shiso leaf pesto soon, and I will post here.

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