Monday, October 5, 2015

My TV hosting Experience on C4 in Sep 2015

Hi My blog visitors,

I have asked to appear on Channel 4 TV in UK to create Sushi
When I was asked, it was like a dream came true.

I am the one telling the story about Sushi and how I was inspired by my Mother.
This New food TV program on C4 is about people, and how We feel about food, cooking, and
How food producers are like, and farmers' stories about their produce

I am so looking forward to watching it.

I will blog about it when it is going to be aired.
So please check it out.

I would like to write about my mother here,
She is so creative, and she made us looking forward to eating breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Everyday When I woke up, I was thinking what she had cooked for breakfast,
and she made bento box lunch every single days to looking forward for lunch time.
My friends at school. were jealous how tasty my lunch box looked

In the evening, I came home, and went to talk to my mother what the day was like,
and stealing tempura, or potato croquets she was deep frying before everyone got to table..

She made my childhood so colourful, and yummy,

She is into gardening, poetry, sewing, knitting, and cooking.

I am so happy My Mother is my mother :)

I love you Kasan

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