Friday, June 19, 2020

Hi Sushi lovers!

This lockdown situation isn't great, and our freedom is paused ..

I have been teaching sushi making since 2009, and
I really enjoyed meeting diverce of people from all over the world
as London is a melting pot

As lockdown seems to continue, as our life do
If you are a sushi lover, please join this online sushi class
cook along with me

I am going to have zoom online Sushi Making class on July 5th from 5pm UK time,
It is £50.17 for 2 hours
If you'd like to join
Please Book with this link.

Sushi making class on July 29th 2020 at 11:30pm to 1:00pm UK time


Monday, October 5, 2015

My TV hosting Experience on C4 in Sep 2015

Hi My blog visitors,

I have asked to appear on Channel 4 TV in UK to create Sushi
When I was asked, it was like a dream came true.

I am the one telling the story about Sushi and how I was inspired by my Mother.
This New food TV program on C4 is about people, and how We feel about food, cooking, and
How food producers are like, and farmers' stories about their produce

I am so looking forward to watching it.

I will blog about it when it is going to be aired.
So please check it out.

I would like to write about my mother here,
She is so creative, and she made us looking forward to eating breakfast Lunch And Dinner

Everyday When I woke up, I was thinking what she had cooked for breakfast,
and she made bento box lunch every single days to looking forward for lunch time.
My friends at school. were jealous how tasty my lunch box looked

In the evening, I came home, and went to talk to my mother what the day was like,
and stealing tempura, or potato croquets she was deep frying before everyone got to table..

She made my childhood so colourful, and yummy,

She is into gardening, poetry, sewing, knitting, and cooking.

I am so happy My Mother is my mother :)

I love you Kasan

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learn How to Make Sushi Online #Udemy

Master The Art of Sushi making online

Learen How to Make Sushi with sushi demonstration video
Rceive The Certificate upon completion of this sushi course from 

Buy How to make Sushi Video from this link
Sushi Making Video

5 Stars Testimonials of the Sushi Video
"Keiko has some of the highest quality videos I've seen on the site. This makes the sushi-making process very easy to follow...and will also have the side effect of making you really hungry! The recipes can be found in the course descriptions, and soon you'll be able to make some tasty, healthy sushi! I never knew how to cut an avocado before this course, so make sure you've got a super-sharp knife and get in on this sushi making party!! You could enjoy it whenever you like, exactly the way you like it 

Wouldn't It Be Great if You Could Make Your Own Authentic Sushi at Home?
Learn how in this Sushi Master Class.
No more day-old pre-packaged unimaginative sushi from the store.
Use whatever's freshest at a nearby fish market together with the ingredients and seasoning you like best.
You can find countless gadgets on the market, but precious few really good sushi "cookbooks."
Besides, wouldn't you really rather have video lessons showing you all of the proper cutting, slicing, and rolling motions so that everything looks, as well as tastes, fantastic? Especially it's from a trusted source like Udemy.
I'm the "Sushi Queen, Keiko for the last 15 years I've been a sushi evangelist through my own cooking classes, catering, and as a professional chef. I've worked with prestigious restaurants in London UK
I am featured on UK TV food programme in 2015
For Beginner to Private Chef
I've carefully designed this course to take you from the very beginning to the level of master.
It covers everything, including the best way to cook rice and preparing your own sushi vinegars, wasabi, and other seasoning.
You'll learn the proper way to cut vegetables as well as raw fish, and the step by step preparation of numerous traditional sushi favourites.
I've even included unique and unexpected chocolate and fruit sushi rolls!
The course is 2 hours long, broken down into 31 bite-sized and easily-digestible 3 to 8  minute classes. 
Plus you'll receive an 8-page listing of ingredients and 7 pages of written instructions.
Once you've completed the course, and practised a bit, you'll be ready to delight friends, relatives, and loved ones with sushi parties, lunch bentos, and picnics.
They'll be amazed at your skill and expertise. And you'll love your beautiful and delicious creations yourself.
Get started today!
Click the Take This Course button.
I'm excited to bring sushi-making to a broader audience, and especially to enthusiasts such as yourself
Sushi making examples
1.        Learn how to cook sushi rice
2.        How to wash sushi rice
3.        how to mix sushi rice with sushi vinegar
4.        how to make sushi vinegar
5.        How to prepare sushi ingredients
6.        How to make sushi rolls at home
7.        Learn to make  California roll
8.       hoso maki roll
9.        big roll
10.     dragon rolls
11.      hand roll
12.     how to cook miso soup
13.     how to cook inari pocket
14.     how to make dessert sushi rolls with fruit & chocolate
15.     Learn to slice raw fish - salmon and tuna
16.     How to do sashimi presentation
More Testimonials
I made sushi at home beforehand, but it never tasted like in restaurants. I realized the many details I wasn't paying attention to. There is still place to improve, but the progress is visible. Thank you for creating this sushi course! One thing I would add is one lecture on roe maki.